• Powerful control system for electromagnetic and electro-permanent chucks
  • Continuous output voltage regulation – output current up to 25 A DC
  • The control unit is equipped with efficient demagnetization cycles
  • The user has the possibility to create his own demagnetization waveforms using the algorithm or by editing individual demagnetization pulses
  • The control unit is designed to power up to 6 electromagnetic chucks
  • Ability to operate over an extremely wide range of supply voltages from 115 to 230 VAC
  • A version for 415 V AC is available
  • Automatic frequency adaptation in the range of 10 Hz to 100 Hz
  • Detection of low magnetization level – user adjustable current value
  • Damage detection of the supply wire to the magnetic clamping device – RELAY RE1
  • ENABLE IN input – designed to block the start of magnetization/demagnetization
  • Ability to communicate with common PLC types – RS 485 industrial bus support
  • Galvanic isolation of control and power section 1 kV
  • Possibility to update the control unit software via the Internet (TCP/IP)

General Description

The control system is suitable for power supply and impulse control of electromagnetic and electro-permanent chucks. All functions are controlled by a powerful ARM Cortex-M4 microprocessor. The control system automatically adapts to the frequency of the power supply network. The magnetization level (output DC voltage) is continuously adjustable by potentiometer P1 on the control box. The output DC voltage is regulated from 5 to 95 % of the input AC voltage. The control system is equipped with efficient demagnetization cycles, which are designed to remove residual magnetism from workpieces, which can then be easily removed. To increase operator safety, the control system is equipped with a safety contact that indicates a break in the supply wire to the electromagnet and a low level of magnetization.

iPES6030 Control Unit

Technical data

AC supply voltage range110 to 230 V (415 V)
Supply voltage tolerance±10 %
Supply voltage frequency range10 – 100 Hz
Power consumption2 W
Max. continuous DC output current25 A
Operating temperature range-20ºC to +85ºC
Max. input voltage ENABLE IN30 V DC
Max. switching voltage of RELAY RE1 output250 V AC
Max. switching current RELAY RE1 output8 A AC

The iPES 6030 control unit has been designed in accordance with EMC and LVD standards.